How to Eliminate Harmful Bacteria in Water?

how to eliminate harmful bacteria in water

We drink and use water daily but seldom do we stop to think about how clean the water actually is. The water we consume might look crystal clear but there are millions of living organisms within the water, so small in size they look invisible to the naked eye. Some of these bacteria are harmless […]

The Importance Of Water Purification

the importance of water purification

We consume water daily but we don’t take the time to consider just where this water comes from. Most of the water supply across the world has a number of problems that affect its quality and natural life-giving properties. Common water-related issues include high amounts of minerals and chlorine, contamination, bacteria, pH imbalance, mineral buildup, […]

How Can Agriculture Improve Water Quality?

agriculture water filter - the vortex water revitalizer

Agriculture is still one of the leading economic activities in large parts of the world. Many third-world countries have agriculture as their primary source of income. What’s more, our food production largely is dependent on quality agricultural sources. As important as agriculture and farming are in today’s economic structure, it is also essential to evaluate […]

What is Structured Water?

what is structured water

The term “Structured Water” refers to the water when its molecules are structured to form hexagonal clusters. These crystalline geometric structures in water occur either naturally or can be restored artificially. The essential thing about this particular structure is that it is responsible for securing water’s most natural properties.  Structured water in nature is present […]

Why Does Boiled Water Taste Different?

why does boiled water taste different

Water is crucial for the existence of humans and other organisms on earth.  It has unique physical and chemical properties, because of which it is essential to treat water properly. But, despite being blessed with an abundance of this precious resource, we are at risk of water contamination for several reasons: Organic material suspension in […]

Water Consciousness by Dr. Masaru Emoto

A significant amount of scientific evidence can support that water has magical powers. The unique nature of this substance is obvious from the fact that it can exist in all three states – solid, liquid, and gas. Water makes up 70% of the human body, and around 71% of the earth’s surface is water-covered. It’s […]

All You Need to Know About Vortex Water

There is no doubt that water is the most important substance for living beings. Without this gift from Mother Nature, we are unable to survive more than four days. Additionally, our bodies are made out of 70% water, making it absolutely essential to keep hydrated as our bodily functions are dependent on proper water intake.  […]

What Are The Different Types of Water?

What are the different types of water?

The genius of his time, Leonardo Da Vinci, rightfully noted – “Water is the driving force of all nature.” If you refer to scientific studies, look around or experience yourself, you will find water is miraculously benefitting every creature on earth. Even the natural, scenic beauty is incomplete without water. Moreover, not a single living […]

Purified Water vs Spring Water: Which One Is Healthier?

purified water vs spring water

Nature has given us everything to fulfill our human needs on earth. Amongst all of these precious resources, water is most vital to our lives. This is evident from the fact that up to 60-70% of our bodies are composed of water, and our organs can work at their optimum level when we are properly […]

Natural Energy and Water: The Work of Viktor Schauberger

The picture of Viktor Schauberger

Everything meaningful in life starts with an inspiration that sets a particular path or a standard according to which it develops and evolves. For The Vortex Water Revitalizer™, inspiration came from Viktor Schauberger – an Austrian forester, philosopher, inventor, and a true mastermind behind the whole philosophy Vortex Revitalizers stand for.  A lifelong work of […]