Best Whole House Water Filters Systems of 2023

best whole house water filter system

Clean water is an indispensable resource, especially for our health. In order to reap the benefits of the water it’s best to utilize a water filter system for your whole house! Actually, having a whole-house water filter is not only recommended but, in some cases, a necessity. We do not realize how water can fail […]

Is Mineral Water Good For You?

Is mineral water good for you

The importance of drinking sufficient amounts of water daily has been long established and understood. By now, numerous research papers as well as online blogs have stated the crucial benefits of mineral water. We are made up of 70% of water but that’s not all, as a pivotal role is assigned to water. With vital […]

How To Energize Water Daily?

How to energize water daily

We all know the benefits of consuming water; we read about the importance of drinking a sufficient amount of water for our health and energy levels. Some of the most amazing benefits of water are that it transports nutrients and oxygen to our cells, aids our digestive system function, and constantly normalizes blood pressure. Yes, […]

How Do You Clean Structured Water Filters?

How do you clean structured water filters

Structured water has become a buzzword in the water lover and health fanatics space. Many idolize structured water for its phenomenal health benefits. This may have compelled you to look further into structured water and realize all the benefits it has to offer, and possibly consider buying a structured water filter, perhaps even purchase them. […]

Structured Water: Is It Worth the Hype?

Structured Water worth the hype

Over the past few years, water and its benefits have taken the internet by storm. Introduction of various types of water have emerged, all claiming to be better than the other. Among those water types, there is a high contender that has many in awe – structured water. This water, often dubbed vortex water, has […]

Water Treatment for Hotels and Resorts

Water treatment system for hotels and resorts

We use water in our homes for numerous activities; be it cooking, drinking, cleaning, or bathing, we need water. Water is one of the most essential sources for our survival, and good quality water plays a vital role in keeping us healthy.  Just as well filtered water is important to our daily lives, it is […]

Water Filters and Their Effectiveness Against Covid19

water filter effectiveness against covid 19

Our lives had taken a drastic turn as COVID-19 made its way around the world. Worries about staying healthy, daily lives with masks, and social distancing have become the new norm.  COVID-19 has stunted many of us towards finding ways to stay the healthiest we can be and avoid all contact with any form of […]

How do I filter my swimming pool water?

water filter for pool

Finally, we’re leaving the cold months behind and in just a couple of weeks, summer heat will take over. In this light, it’s about time to start preparing for the swimming pool season! And the first step should be finding ways to keep our pools fresh and sanitary at all times.  We all know the […]

What is the best water treatment for a spa?

what is the best water treatment for a spa

Taking the time to unwind after a difficult day to treat yourself is necessary. And what better way to relax than to hop in a hot tub for a soothing spa session? Utilizing hot tubs is one of the most relaxing activities to de-stress and it has more benefits to offer than mere relaxation.  The […]

Is structured water good for plants?

structured water for plants - The vortex water revitalizer

Have you recently taken up gardening and want to discover the dos and don’ts of watering your plants? Or maybe you are a gardening connaisseur but would like to find more ways to help your plants thrive? We have all the answers you might have water quality for plants! Well, we all know water is […]