What is the best water treatment for a spa?

what is the best water treatment for a spa

Taking the time to unwind after a difficult day to treat yourself is necessary. And what better way to relax than to hop in a hot tub for a soothing spa session? Utilizing hot tubs is one of the most relaxing activities to de-stress and it has more benefits to offer than mere relaxation. 

The warmth from the spa water widens the blood vessels, which then transmit nutrient-dense blood throughout the body; similarly, warm spa water also lessens swelling and loosens tight muscles. In this case, relaxation and mental well-being are almost a byproduct of using the hot tub. 

This goes without saying that water is the most critical component of a hot tub, so it is essential for us to discuss how best to keep your spa water in its peak condition.  

Have you’ve recently acquired a hot tub and looking forward to all the relaxing spa times? Then you have to research more on how to best keep your hot tub running smoothly and crystal clear. Or maybe you’re a long-time hot tub user and want to enhance your experience further.

In either case, we have you covered! 

In this article, we have gathered a complete guide on how to treat spa water to keep it safe and most beneficial. 

How do I make my spa water crystal clear?

One of the main concerns hot tub owners have is making the water crystal clear; this can be obstructed by several causes. Here are a couple of reasons your water might not be crystal clear and some easy solutions as well: 

A major reason your spa water is not crystal clear could be its water chemistry. If your water chemistry is off, be it water pH levels, total alkalinity, or sanitation levels, it can lead to cloudy or milky-looking water. This is due to a large number of organic matter present in your spa water, which the water chemistry cannot stabilize.

Here are some unwanted substances that can make their way into your hot tub: 

  • Dust, dirt, and debris from the environment when the hot tub is placed outside
  • Human organic matter such as skin cells or body oil
  • Unnatural or man-made substances such as makeup, body lotions, or detergents 
  • In extreme cases, limescale build-up or algae build-up in the spa water

Since so many different substances can wind up in our spa waters, if the water chemistry is off, then it would be prone to cloudiness and, in worst cases, infections. This is mainly due to the chlorine and chloramines not being strong enough to tackle all these organic matters. In cases of heavy hot tub or jacuzzi usage, the standard amount of sanitation might not be enough and might require more frequent maintenance. We have some recommendations you can follow to keep your water crystal clear and prevent milky spa waters.

  1. Ensure all bathers take a shower prior to using the hot tub–just rinse and avoid using soap as it can contaminate the spa water. 
  2. Avoid washing your swimming costumes in detergents to avoid recontaminating the spa water.
  3. Regularly monitor water chemistry levels to ensure the pH levels are correctly balanced, and water sanitizers are added in appropriate numbers.  
  4. Implement spa water filters to keep constant clean water pumping through the hot tub
  5. Cover your hot tub when you aren’t using it to avoid excess organic matter making its way to your hot tub

Another important part you should consider is frequent and regular water changes to avoid the build-up of water contaminants. Let’s read more about how often you should change your spa water. 

When should I change my spa water?

Yes, we understand; draining and changing water sounds like a headache already, but regularly changing your spa water is very important. Though it might seem like adding chlorine is enough to sanitize water, that is false. Unless taken care of, your spa water can readily turn to the swamp water, which is why we suggest draining and replacing your water, but how often should you do so? 

The frequency of water changes largely depends on how heavy your hot tub usage is. Say, for instance, someone who uses their hot tub once or twice a week might change their water every three to four months. On the other hand, someone else who utilizes their hot tub five to six days out of the week will definitely have to change it more frequently, possibly every eight weeks. 

Another thing to consider is the number of people who frequent the hot tub. Small-sized hot tubs can accommodate two to four individuals, medium-sized hot tubs between four to six, and large hot tubs can accommodate upwards of seven people. If your hot tub services additional people than is recommended and more frequently, then you might have to change your water more often as well, as your spa water might get contaminated with organic matter at a faster speed. 

We know how troublesome changing spa water is, so we also recommend purifying your spa water to keep it cleaner for more extended periods and between water changes. 

How do you purify spa water?

One of the main methods of purifying water is with the use of chemical sanitizers such as chlorine or bromine that will kill all water bacteria and contaminants. Using chemicals sanitizers is a quick and effective method to keep your spa water looking and being clean. However, in order to constantly keep your spa water fully sanitary, it might require larger doses of these chemicals. 

In turn, larger amounts of chlorine can have significant drawbacks, such as irritated or dry skin, and it might even be impossible to use for those with sensitive skin. In extreme cases, high chlorine gas levels can also be dangerous, so what other option do we have? Spa water filters that will help you keep your required chlorine levels at bay while also keeping your spa water fully crystal clear. 

Spa water filters help keep your hot tub running smoothly and constantly clean. Water filters can help eliminate all the bacteria and harmful substances and filter out all the residue leftover from using the hot tub. Substances such as body lotion, sunscreen, detergent, or even body wash are not often considered spa water impurities, but these are the major spa water contaminants. Spa water filters help cycle out the water to keep it from clogging up and getting unsanitary with organic matter. How do you choose the right spa water filter, though? 

pH in spa water

Buying Guide for Filtration and Purification

Water filters for the spa are one of the most important key factors to keeping your hot tub looking crystal clear and ensuring comfortable spa sessions. To choose the right filter for your hot tub, you’ll have to consider these factors: 

  1. Size of your hot tub – do you need a stronger filter for a large hot tub? Or something smaller and simpler?
  2. Free space near your hot tub – do you have free space around your hot tub to put a large water filter? 
  3. Price – are you willing to splurge for a more expensive filter? You have to consider the maintenance fees for the hot tub filter as well. 

Here are some of the most used spa water filter types you might consider for your hot tub.  

Cartridge Filters

This is one of the most popular spa water filters and one of the most basic in terms of innovation. It operates as most water filters and requires regular maintenance and filter cartridge replacements. These filters are placed inside the spa and filter out the water impurities like that. 

Ceramic Filters

Ceramic filters are similar to cartridge filters but what makes them different is the ceramic filter casing that is much sturdier than cartridge types. With good care, ceramic filters have the ability to outlive the majority of other filters and can last up to several years. 

Sand Filters

This filter is a container in the shape of a sphere that is filled with sand to help remove impurities and water contaminants. These filters are larger in size, thus having to be placed outside of the hot tub and requiring routine cleaning. Such might deter you from wanting this filter.  

Vortex Water Treatment

Vortex water treatment is one of the most innovative and groundbreaking water treatments on the market. This filtration system doesn’t require ample space and frequent maintenance, as it focuses on revitalizing and reestablishing water’s most natural structure; let’s find out more about the wonders of vortex water treatment. 

soothing spa water

Vortex Water for Your Spa 

Vortex water treatment understands how water has innate abilities that deliver immeasurable benefits for our bodies and surroundings. So, it restores these abilities by imitating the very unique and distinct water movement found in nature; the continuous ebb and flow of water. Once this movement turns to stillness, water loses its properties, and the hexagonal micro-clustered molecular shape that gives it its powers is diminished. 

The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ is a vortex water treatment that aims to deliver to you these water benefits so you can enjoy your everyday life and your relaxing spa sessions to their maximum capacity. The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ gives you and your spas these phenomenal benefits and more.

  • Constant balanced pH levels, aid your spa water chemistry to be continuously stabilized. 
  • It gives water the ability to self-clean continuously, removing and eliminating all spa water contaminants and impurities. 
  • The water structure allows the hard water to turn softer, ridding it of excess minerals and hard metals. This eliminates troubles such as skin irritation and dryness. 
  • Less mineral build-up and limescale due to removed impurities and excess hard substances. 
  • Low maintenance requirements for the spa water, the hot tub, and the spa water filtration system. 

You can keep your hot tub in its peak condition with crystal clear water with the help of The Vortex Water Revitalizer™. Find the perfect vortex water treatment for your spa water, and with every purchase, get a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee and a 10-Year Limited Warranty.

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