Water Treatment for Hotels and Resorts

Water treatment system for hotels and resorts

We use water in our homes for numerous activities; be it cooking, drinking, cleaning, or bathing, we need water. Water is one of the most essential sources for our survival, and good quality water plays a vital role in keeping us healthy. 

Just as well filtered water is important to our daily lives, it is even more crucial to the large operative hotels and resorts. The resorts need a quality water treatment system as the water they use is used for mass cooking, cleaning, and of course, in pools and spas. The quality of pool water is directly impactful to the comfort and safety of all the guests and staff of the hotel and resort. 

Now, let’s dive into finding out just how important the water treatment system is for hotels and resorts and why it might actually be more beneficial than just for drinking. 

A hotel spa with a water treatment system

Do hotels treat their water?

So we already answered the question indirectly, but you might have figured it out already – YES! Hotels and resorts not only treat their water, but large hotels have extensive water treatment systems, and if they don’t, then the next step should be actually to invest in a good water treatment system. Though it highly depends on the country and season, studies have found that the average water consumption rates can be as high as 84 to 2000 liters per tourist per day and 3432 liters per bedroom per day! 

Hotels and large resorts need water for a variety of reasons and locations.  They need to have water constantly flowing through the guest rooms for the convenience of the guests, but that’s not all! Here are some ways water is essential to hotels: 

  • Cleaning the hotel rooms and facilities 
  • Cooking at the hotel kitchen and/or restaurant 
  • Water for the drinking supply 
  • Pools and spas 
  • Laundry 
  • Cooling down the room 
  • Irrigation 
  • The piping system and sewage system

Evidently, water usage is essential to hotels, but just as the amount of water is a necessity for resorts, it is just as important for hotels to have high-quality water. 

Is hotel sink water good for drinking?

Hotel sink hotel bathroom with a water treatment system

Though we often use the sink water in our hotel room to wash up, brush our teeth, and shower, we most frequently are reluctant to drink the water right out of the tap. Most hotels provide you with a bottle of water or two, but the majority of the time, this is not enough, so the next choice would be to drink from the tap. 

If the hotel has a good water treatment system in place, then yes, the hotel sink water is safe enough to drink. Most of the time, the water in the hotel is drinkable, but it might not be the highest quality water available. The water provided is still used by the hotel facilities, such as the kitchen, so with that train of thought, yes, it is fine to drink. 

Another issue many might have with hotel sink water is the high levels of chlorine, as chlorine is used in higher dosages to increase sanitation levels. Chlorine is one of the most popular chemicals that help eliminate bacteria and viruses from water, but it also has its drawbacks. Chlorine is not pleasant to drink as it adds an unpleasant taste and odor to the water. Excess levels of chlorine may also cause a disturbance within the body’s natural metabolism, dry our hair and skin, and may be irritating to sensitive skin. 

The best option for hotels and resorts would still be to have a good water treatment system and filtration system in place to not only provide your guests with the best stay possible but also the healthiest water available to them. 

What is the importance of a wastewater system in a hotel facility?

As you’ve noticed, hotels and resorts use extremely high levels of water annually. Not only is the type and quality of water they use important to understand, but it’s also important to look at the wastewater hotels produce. 

hotel wastewater and water treatment system

Wastewater treatment ensures that the used water that goes back out into the environment is not harmful and toxic. The high toxicity of wastewater could lead to potential harm to the environment, wildlife, and aquatic biota. As the water scarcity mindset and environmental issues become more prevalent, governments issue more and more stringent regulations regarding wastewater and environmental pollution. On top of strict regulations, many clients expect social and environmental commitment from hotels and resorts.  

Having a well-put-in and highly functioning wastewater treatment system will not only help eliminate those issues but lower the overall cost, lead to efficient water usage, and better overall environmental impact. 

The Vortex Water Revitalizer – The Best Water Treatment for Hotels and Resorts

The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ is a vortex water treatment that turns regular old water into vortex water, which is often dubbed structured water. What is vortex water? This type of water is often referred to as water in its most natural and optimal state. Due to water’s natural movement and flow when in its most natural habitat, it gains numerous benefits and phenomenal qualities that can be found in mountain spring water. The flow of water in nature gives it the unique hexagonal micro-clustered molecular from, hence the name structured water.

Once vortex water goes through systematic treatments, chemical additives, and pressurized, then this unique structure is lost, along with all of its abilities. 

The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ understands the importance of vortex water and the phenomenal effect it can have on those that consume and use it, so it restores the water’s innate structure. The treatment occurs by the implementation of a double-spiral to help recreate the type of flow, and movement water would otherwise go through. With the structure restored, here are some amazing benefits vortex water can bring to your hotel and resort.

Eliminate Bacteria & Viruses

Vortex water has the power to self-clean itself continuously! With this ability, it ensures all bacteria, viruses, and toxic contaminants are removed from the water. The water supplied throughout the hotel will withstand more contaminants without having to add excess levels of chlorine. With constant self-refreshment and self-cleaning, water becomes more robust. 

Better Hydration

With the distinguished molecular form, vortex water can penetrate deeper within the cells to hydrate our bodies more intensely for longer periods of time. Showers, swims, and even drinking will be more pleasant as the bodies will be more hydrated inside and out. 

Balanced pH Levels 

Balance of water’s pH levels is crucial, especially when dealing with a large number of guests at the hotel or resort. The imbalance of pH levels, be it too alkaline or too acidic, can be harmful not only to the guests but also to the expensive hotel equipment and facility. On the other hand, vortex water stays between the constant optimal levels of 6.8 and 7.2. 

Increase in Dissolved Oxygen Levels

One of the most important parts of wastewater management and overall improved environmental impact is Dissolved Oxygen (DO). DO is critical to the survival of aquatic biota and the betterment of the environment. Research constantly shows that vortex water has higher levels of dissolved water, which can help your hotel with its wastewater system. 

Less Maintenance 

Untreated water contains high levels of minerals, hard metals mixed with excess levels of chlorine and off-balanced pH levels lead to a maintenance nightmare. The mineral build-up, limescale, and easier corrosion require more frequent maintenance. Vortex water helps eliminate these issues and prevent further maintenance headaches. 
Keep your hotel and resort in its best shape with The Vortex Water Revitalizer™! Simple and straightforward water solution.

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