Is structured water good for plants?

structured water for plants - The vortex water revitalizer

Have you recently taken up gardening and want to discover the dos and don’ts of watering your plants? Or maybe you are a gardening connaisseur but would like to find more ways to help your plants thrive? We have all the answers you might have water quality for plants!

Well, we all know water is one of the essential resources for plants growth but is it possible for the quality of water to affect how well plants grow? Water makes up 90% of plants. The development and flourishment of plants are highly dependent on the quality of water it receives. As plants rely on the sun, soil, and water as their primary sources of nourishment, ensuring quality water is supplied to your plants is vital. 

This is where structured water comes in! Structured water is theorized as water in its optimal state. Structured water can bring more vitality and energy to plants as it is said to have the same properties as rainwater. 

If you’re looking to find out what structured water is and how it may benefit the lifespan of your plants, then keep on reading. We’ll provide you with all the crucial details you might need to know about watering your plants with structured water. 

using structured water for plants

Does structured water really work?

To understand if structured water really works, we have to first figure out what structured water is. Structured water, by molecular makeup, is still H₂O, but what gives it its outstanding properties is its unique hexagonal micro-clustered molecular shape. This specific molecular alignment gives water more vitality, strength, and energy. 

Though this might seem like a fluke, structured water is actually found in the rawest and crystal clear water sources, such as mountain springs. The research of Viktor Schauberger, who was an Austrian scientist, found water that moved in a continuous flow and ebb created this unique structure within the water. 

We know already that water can take on properties depending on its external environment; hence creating the ideal habitat allows water to restore its remarkable properties. The hexagonal molecular form brings out water’s balanced pH levels, increased dissolved oxygen levels, and continuous self-cleaning, among many other exceptional benefits. 

Now that we know how structured water really works let’s look at how it can benefit your plants. An improved molecular structure might be great, but what use is it for your plants?

Ways structured water benefit plants 

How does structured water affects the plants, and does it really work? A few ways in which water quality is vital to plants is their mineral delivery. For instance, if water does not have enough minerals or micronutrients, the soil will not absorb them; thus, the plants will not receive any minerals. This could stunt plant growth, but with structured water, there are no troubles like that. With essential minerals dense within structured water, the soil becomes richer, delivering minerals to the plants easily. 

structured water for plants benefits

On the other hand, if the water used to water plants contains a surplus of minerals such as iron, it can be detrimental to the plants. High iron levels in water may lead to browning or discoloration of the plants and, in extreme cases, wilting. Similarly, Water which runs straight from the faucet is usually high in chlorine, chloramines, and sulfur. These substances in themselves are abhorred by plants. Structured water has the ability to self-clean continuously and regulate itself, removing all chlorine and harmful substances before it reaches the plants. Not only that, self-cleaning allows water to become more robust against all water contaminants, hydrating the soil only with the essential minerals. 

Structured water also contains higher oxygen levels which help plants thrive in an improved soil environment. On top of that, the molecular form allows water to penetrate deeper and hydrate the soil and plans more intensely and for longer periods of time. 

What is the pH of structured water?

Structured water has numerous benefits for plants, but another benefit to using structured water is constant pH levels. Structured water has optimally balanced pH levels that constantly fall between 6.8 and 7.2, but why is this so crucial for plants? The imbalance of the pH levels, be it too alkaline or too acidic, can cause many issues to the plants. Off-balanced pH levels may lead to plants not receiving enough nutrition; they might be more prone to more bacteria, nutrient leeches, or even toxic elements. 

Another reason for ensuring optimal pH levels is if you’re using any floral preservatives or growth regulators for your plants. In the case of high alkalinity, where the water’s pH levels are above 7.0, this can clash with chemical agents and render it ineffective. Similarly, if the pH levels are too low (too acidic), then the soil can become dull and have less nutrient content. This starves the plants of all the micronutrients they’d otherwise be receiving from the soil. 

The molecular arrangement of structured water ensures that water supplied is constantly at balanced pH levels, preventing all damage that could occur to your plants. 

pH of structured water for plants

The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ – The Best Structured Water Device

We’ve discussed structured water and its amazing benefits, but how do we actually get it in our homes? 

Structured water, water in its most optimal state, occurs naturally in mountain springs. This unique structure is lost once the water goes through water treatments, chemical additives, and constant pumping through the pipes. The loss of the structure is due to the loss in the flow and movement required for structures formation. To restore the structure and revitalize the water, it has to go through something known as a vortex water treatment.

The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ is a water treatment that takes into account water’s natural flow and movement to then imitate it to a T! Through research; it was found that the vortexing motion created by a double spiral filter recreates the flow that structured water goes through in nature. 

The phenomenal benefits of structured water will be revived instantaneously with The Vortex Water Revitalizer™. Your plants will be more lively, grown, and overall healthier! Benefits of The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ don’t end there–affordable prices, easy installation, and a 10-Year Limited Warranty are all part of the perks you’ll be receiving. 

Help your plants grow, thrive, and flourish with structured water. The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ makes it easier than ever before! Browse the product list to find the best fit for your plants. 

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