Structured Water: Is It Worth the Hype?

Structured Water worth the hype

Over the past few years, water and its benefits have taken the internet by storm. Introduction of various types of water have emerged, all claiming to be better than the other. Among those water types, there is a high contender that has many in awe – structured water. This water, often dubbed vortex water, has people talking about its never-ending benefits, great properties, and true capabilities of water. 

That is all great but is all the talk about structured water true? And if all these claims are true, realistically, is it truly worth the hype? Well, we’re here to find out. We’ll tackle all that is structured water, all its benefits, and claims, how you can actually make it at home, and what the bottom line is! 

What Is Structured Water? 

Before we start going through the benefits of structured water, let’s first understand what it actually IS water and what makes it different from regular water. 

The famous water got its name from the inner molecular structure of the water, where the micro-clustered molecules are formed in a manner that creates hexagonal clusters. These inner crystalline molecules occur naturally as water flows without any constraint, giving it the benefits and natural properties as we have knowledge of it today. 

Structured Water hexagonal clusters

As mentioned, structured water occurs naturally when the water has the ability to flow without any restraint. This exact type of water can be found at the most untouched and raw water sources, such as mountain springs and glacier melts. The science behind structured water found that this phenomenon occurs due to the distinctive water motion, where the water spins and rotates at a constant rate, leading to its unique inner structure. What is so curious is how research has also found that water is and may be structured in a hexagonal manner, inevitably showing us that structured water is within us all. 

Now you might be thinking, if the hexagonal structure can be found at water sources, then how can the water not reach us? And does it make most waters structured water? Sadly, the answer to this is NO, and we have the answer as to why this is so. 

Structured Water Without The ‘structure’

We now know what makes structured water as it is, but why can this type of water not be found all around us and in our homes easily then? The answer is simple – disruption in the movement.  

The main damage happens way before the water reaches us, as water has to go through numerous treatments, filtrations, and chemical additives. This turns the water denatured, where it is overprocessed with excess chemicals, constant pumping through narrow and straight pipelines, and overpumped with high pressure, which all take a toll on the water’s inner molecular structure. 

The majority of the time, we receive something known as hard water in our homes, where the water contains high levels of chlorine and other mineral substances. The main reason for this is how municipalities have to prevent waterborne diseases by treating the water with intensive treatment systems and adding chlorine to the water. This prevents the majority of the toxic contaminants but sadly isn’t able to tackle them all. For many, hard water may also be unpleasant to consume and use as it is prone to foul odor and taste, as well as stains. 

Due to all these excessive treatments, structured water loses its structure and with it all of its powerful capabilities. Now let’s read and understand how we came to know structured water in the modern day to understand its impact best. 

Who Discovered Structured Water? 

Structured water has been studied numerous times and has been part of mother earth for centuries, but living water, in the modern day as we know now, was founded by Viktor Schauberger. 

Schauberger’s lifelong work was understanding mother earth to help advance and innovate the world while nurturing it rather than harming it. One of his passions in life was his work on studying water. He undertook all of the aspects of water and tried to understand it from every angle possible. He viewed water as a living organism, one which was flowing blood to our earth, and saw that the manner in which human’s used it was detrimental to its vitality. 

Viktor found that the way water was flowing through nature had different inner properties and benefits beyond our imagination. To prevent the irreversible damage that would be caused to water by our use of it, he set out on a mission to figure out a way to reverse this. Throughout his years of research, he found vortex technology, a means through which he made the restoration of inner water structures possible. 

We know what is structured water and how we got to know about it but is structured water actually good for you? Let’s find out. 

Benefits Of Structured Water

What are the exact benefits of structured water? Well, here are just some of the prominent benefits you may find. 

Eradicated Bacteria & Viruses

Water’s power to self-clean emerges with its restored structure. In addition to getting rid of all the harmful bacteria and pollutants, water ensures that no vital minerals are lost. Water gets increasingly cleaner as a result of ongoing self-cleaning by becoming more resistant to all germs and viruses that might be present. Additionally, since bacteria in the water is removed before it has a chance to thrive, unpleasant scents in rugs or washcloths will be eradicated.

Increased Hydration

Water’s hexagonal micro-clustered molecular structure allows it to penetrate deeper into our bodies, allowing for more effective absorption. This results in instant hydration, allowing cells to get enough water and stay hydrated, inevitably letting the cells perform at their best. This level of hydration results in better functioning organs and a healthier body.

Water is more enjoyable to drink when it is easily absorbed, and large amounts of water do not cause bloating or a heavy feeling around the stomach. You can easily meet your daily water requirements without feeling bloated.

Balanced pH Levels 

Because of the various treatments that water undergoes, the pH balance is frequently skewed, becoming either too alkaline or too acidic. This can result in issues such as disrupted metabolism, corrosion around pipes and appliances, staining around water sources, and more. The revitalized molecular structure also restores pH balance, resulting in optimal levels of 6.8-7.2 – eradicating all issues. 

Improved Bodily Functions

Vortex water improves your bodily functions due to its superior self-cleaning ability, balanced pH, and immediate hydration. Vortex water aids in the improvement of metabolism along with the removal of toxins from the body.

Furthermore, because vortex water is innately softer, it can enhance the hydration of your skin. Showering with vortex water has been reported to improve dehydrated or irritated skin and scalp, as well as the quality, look and feel of the hair. 

Decreased Home Maintenance 

Hard water, or water with an excess of chlorine and minerals, can cause a slew of maintenance issues around the house. Corrosion, staining, or build-up are common issues near water sources such as sinks, showerheads, and toilets. This is often both time-consuming and costly. Vortex water eliminates such issues; with its balanced pH levels and self-cleaning properties, such concerns will be a problem of the past. Vortex water not only keeps your home spotless but also saves you time and money on maintenance.

Why is structured water good for you?

Benefits of structured water for our health

Structured water has numerous benefits that we keep hearing about, but why is structured water actually good for you? We can take a look at some studies to understand this best. 

One review-based study investigated the effects of consuming structured water daily in various laboratory and farm animals over a period of 20 years. The results of the studies showed the following: 

  • Higher growth rate 
  • Lower oxidative stress
  • Improved blood lipid profile 
  • Improving blood sugar and insulin response in diabetic patients 
  • Improving Semen and Sperm Quality 
  •  Improving Tissue Conductivity 

Another study took on the role of understanding the impact of consuming vortex water on human bodies in a normal environment over a period of one month. It had two groups – one consuming unstructured water and the other consuming one liter of structured water per day. The study found the following results: 

  • Reduced body fat mass 
  • Better kidney excretory function 
  • Lowered stress
  • Removal of internal intoxication of the body
  • An improvement in water-salt metabolism 

As you can see, the benefits of structured water are very real and very plausible. So how can you make this structured water? 

How to make structured water?

So, we’ve read all about structured water: the what, how, benefits, and origins, but how do we actually restore the inner structure of the water? There are various methods of making vortex water, such as: 

  • ultraviolet (UV) or infrared light
  • exposing it to natural heat and energy
  • High vibration materials such as rhodium 
  • Vortexing the water 

Vortexing to create structured water

Though there are various methods of creating structured water, one of the best ways is through vortexing. So why is this so effective? As many studies suggest, most things on this planet flow and are created through a pattern, such as cyclones, DNA, and even natural water. As water flows through the vortexing motion, it is re-energized and restored. The vortexing motion replicates the way water flows throughout its natural course. Inevitably restoring and revitalizing the water’s inner molecular form. 

How can I get structured water at home?

So how can you get structured water in your home? We mentioned vortexing the water, but how do you do this? There are two main ways you can get structured water at home. 

How to get structured water in your home?

DIY Vortex 

If you’re feeling crafty, you can try to recreate the magnetic vortex to restore the water’s inner structure. One way of doing this is by utilizing specific gemstones and placing them in a container filled with water. This takes time, and often you won’t be able to tell just how well your water has been vortexed. 

Though these methods may be fun to entertain, they can be unstable and not as effective as those with vortexing machines.  

Vortex Water machine 

There are numerous types of machines that help restore water’s inner structure, but one of the most innovative is the vortex water treatment. This works by utilizing a charged double spiral form which imitates the water’s natural flow and movement as if it is out in nature. This creates a stabilized micro-clustered molecular form, inevitably restoring the water to its most natural self. 

Where to Buy Structured Water Filters?

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