Water Filters and Their Effectiveness Against Covid19

water filter effectiveness against covid 19

Our lives had taken a drastic turn as COVID-19 made its way around the world. Worries about staying healthy, daily lives with masks, and social distancing have become the new norm. 

COVID-19 has stunted many of us towards finding ways to stay the healthiest we can be and avoid all contact with any form of bacteria and viruses. Health discussions are the daily standard and one of the ways we might want to stay healthy is by understanding the type of water we consume. 

Numerous debates have ensued regarding water filters and their effectiveness in keeping us safe from COVID-19. Questions such as “is water filter necessary?”, “Can water filters protect me from COVID-19” or “does COVID spread through water?” start to rise. 

COVID-19 is still ongoing research and we are finding ways to not only battle it but also to keep our health in check. With this in mind, today we’ll provide some answers to your questions regarding water filters and their direct effect on COVID-19.   

girl with mask during covid 19 pandemic

Is it safe to drink tap water?

Before we even start thinking about COVID-19 in water, let’s start by discussing just how healthy it is to drink tap water. 

The quality of tap water largely varies from country to country. However, in the majority of the world, the water provided to our homes is municipally treated, thus free of waterborne diseases and toxic contaminants. 

If you can drink tap water then why do people invest in water filters? 

Good question! Water filters are important for numerous reasons but let’s break down the big ones:

tap water filter effectiveness against covid 19
  • Municipally treated water has high chlorine levels which can be a major drawback for many. High chlorine levels make the water smell and taste foul, they can cause an upset stomach, and irritate sensitive skin or scalp. 
  • Hard water, which is what is supplied by the majority around the world, contains hard metals and substances that can lead to a build-up of minerals around your sinks or showers. 
  • On top of that, municipally treated water might have an off-balanced pH level, which can cause a plethora of issues to your health and to your pipes and appliances as well. 

All in all, water filters help ensure extra safety of your water and improve overall water quality. Now let’s see just how effective is it when it comes to COVID-19:

Does the Coronavirus (Covid-19) spread through tap water?

When COVID-19 first started spreading at lightning speed, it was difficult to identify just where it would easily spread and where not. Fearmongering was at its peak and it was virtually indiscernible to identify truth from the false but as time has progressed and so has our knowledge of COVID-19 we have some of the answers

We know COVID-19 can spread through the air and via contact with infected individuals. If an infected person coughs or breathes the tiniest droplets of virus it could get onto your area. Infections can easily spread once it touches your eyes, nose, or mouth. 

Though we were not sure of this before due to lack of research, according to World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 does not spread through tap water or water! So, we do not have to fear the water that is supplied to us, as it will be free of COVID-19. In cases of swimming in pools or beaches, it will not be the water that will lead to the spread of the virus but rather the act of being close to a possible COVID infectee that might transmit the virus. 

We now understand that COVID-19 does not spread through tap water so does a water filter actually help you protect yourself from COVID-19? Let’s read further into this.  

Do Water Filters Help Protect You From the Coronavirus

As we identified, COVID-19 does not in fact spread through water but water filters still might protect us by keeping us healthy! There are various types of water filters that have the most minuscule porous sizes that eliminate the tiniest bacteria and viruses in water. Thankfully, COVID-19 is not one of the water-transmittable viruses but that doesn’t mean water filters can’t help protect us from it. 

Though it highly depends on the type of water filter, the majority of the water filters naturally have the ability to improve the quality of water you are consuming and as we know, drinking water is one of the vital aspects of staying healthy and in prime condition. Waterborne diseases are still an issue and imbalanced or low-quality water can lead to compromising your health prior to its exposure to other types of viruses such as COVID-19. At times like this, where being the healthiest we can be is the most essential, it is crucial to take into account all the ways we can nourish and keep our bodies thriving. Drinking quality clean water ensures your body is not only hydrated but also functioning at its peak! Lack of sanitary water has been shown to weaken the body and the immune system, so it’s best to boost your immune system with hydration and good nutrition. 

What water filter will help keep you healthy? We have the answer you’re looking for! Vortex Water Treatment. 

Benefits of The Vortex Water Revitalizer Against Covid19

One of the most water-intuitive water filters is The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ which aims to revive the water to its most natural state. The concept of valuing water’s innate abilities is widely dubbed as structured water, where structured water has a unique micro-clustered molecular arrangement, giving it astonishing benefits. What is so special about this vortex water and how does it benefit you when dealing with COVID-19? 

family enjoying covid safe water after using water filter

Balanced pH Levels 

Vortex water has perfectly balanced pH levels, constantly falling between the ideal 6.8 and 7.2. If the water’s pH is not balanced then it may lead to issues such as disruption to the body’s natural metabolism and nausea. 

Eliminate Bacteria & Viruses

One of the miracles of vortex water is its capability to self-clean and do it continuously. Vortex water ensures all the bacteria, viruses, and the tiniest water contaminants are removed from the water. This leads to not only extremely clean water but also water that is more robust against all waterborne diseases.     

Enhance Bodily Functions

With balanced pH levels, the ability to eliminate all harmful water contaminants without removing the essential water minerals, and the unique micro-clustered molecular structure gives vortex water the power to improve your body’s natural bodily functions. With intense hydration, your cells work at their peak performance, keeping all your organs and overall body in the healthiest condition. 

So how does The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ do all this?

The water treatment is able to bring out all the benefits of non-vortex water by stimulating the movement that naturally structured water goes through in nature. This flow restores the clustered arrangement and gives water phenomenal benefits. Quality water is essential to staying healthy and keeping your body in its best state during the difficult times of COVID-19! 

Look at  The Vortex Water Revitalizer™  and find your next water filter! Helping you and your family stay safe by providing your home with quality water! 

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