How Do You Clean Structured Water Filters?

How do you clean structured water filters

Structured water has become a buzzword in the water lover and health fanatics space. Many idolize structured water for its phenomenal health benefits. This may have compelled you to look further into structured water and realize all the benefits it has to offer, and possibly consider buying a structured water filter, perhaps even purchase them. Another question might pop into your head as you read further into structured water filters – how do you actually clean them? 

Don’t go elsewhere; we have all the details you need about structured water and structured water filters. We’ll cover everything from A to Z, the what’s, why’s, how’s, and where’s of structured water. Let’s get started!

What is Structured Water?

Before we begin, let’s make sure we have the foundation covered – what actually is structured water? To understand this, we have to see that this specific type of water is most often found in nature as it has the freedom to flow and be wild. Structured water can be founded as spring waters or in glacier melts, one of the cleanest and most potent water sources. 

structured water

So what makes it ‘structured’? The name comes from water’s inner micro-clustered molecules, where the free flow movement restructures the inner clusters into a hexagonal form. This very distinct micro-clustered form gives water the ability to be alive and revitalized, bringing all of its astonishing benefits and properties out. 

Now you might be wondering, if the water is already found freely flowing in nature and is available to us, then why isn’t all water supplied structured water? Quite simply, the answer to that is the stillness caused when water is taken from its natural habitat. As we take water out of its habitat, we tend to push it through numerous treatments. Municipally treated water is essential for the greater safety of the general population and clean water access, but it also strips the water of all of its natural capabilities. 

As you might know already, structured water gets its structure from continuous movement, but as the water is treated with machinery and chemical additives, the movement stills, leading to the loss of its structure. Though it might feel as if everything is lost, we still have the ability to restore water’s inner structure with the help of structured water devices. Let’s read further on structured water to better understand how it can be restored.    

Is structured water the same as EZ water?

Structured water is a popular buzzword, but so is vortex water and Exclusion Zone (EZ) water. What are these types of water, and are they, in fact, the same? The short answer to this is yes; they are actually the one and the same; the main difference here lies in the individual’s preferred way of naming it.  

Though for vortex water, there is another reason, vortex water is the same as structured water, but the method of restructuring the water is distinct – via vortexing motions. Structured water can be re-energized through various methods, such as with the use of crystals or UV rays, but a very reliable method is vortexing. We’ll cover the process of re-structuring and revitalizing water into structured water a little further down, but to answer the question, yes, structured water, EZ water, and vortex water are all the same. 

Origin of Structured Water? 

The origin of structured water varies, but one thing we know is that structured water has been part of Mother Earth from the beginning. One individual we have to give a spotlight to here is Viktor Schauberger – a naturalist, a philosopher, an inventor, and the person who brought the concept of living water to life. 

Who is Viktor Schauberger, and what did he do? He was an Austrian naturalist born in 1885 who dedicated his entire life to the studies of bettering the environment with his inventions. However, he worked on many inventions to help better the standard of life for his people while always keeping Mother Earth as his primary mission. 

structured water filters

One way he did that was through understanding water and how water was almost like blood to Mother Earth. He found that water had varying inner micro-clustered molecular structures and that water was a living form. He also saw how our constant misuse and mistreatment of water was taking us on the path of irreversible damage, so he set out to prevent this. Shacuberger found the best way to do so was with vortexing and explained this by how water constantly moved in a vortexing motion just like cyclones do. 

With his explanation and understanding of living water, we are able to base future structured water studies on them. Now let’s understand how you may obtain structured water in your home. 

How Can You Make Structured Water?

You might now be wondering if there are any ways you could make structured water at home yourself, the answer is yes, but it might not be as effective or efficient. The way structured water works is through two main parts: re-energized and re-structured water. So when you are making your own DIY structured water, you have to ensure to get both of these aspects to ensure you get quality structured water. 

Vortex water structured water filters

Here are some of the most common ways you can DIY structured water: 

Ultraviolet (UV) or infrared light

This is quite intuitive, and it is to put your water under an ultraviolet or infrared light, which many believe will help with energizing the water. Keep in mind you will have to have this water under the light for 3-4 hours. 

Incorporating high-frequency crystals 

Another popular method is to use high-frequency crystals, especially by incorporating rose quartz, clear quartz, or amethyst. The way you do this is by putting your clean crystals into a bowl or jar of water for a few hours; after the water has been energized and is charged with a higher frequency, you can have your own structured water. 

Funnel Method (DIY Vortex) 

This is a slightly more complex way of getting structured water, but it uses a similar mechanism to vortexing. For this, you will need a crystal, pebbles, or small smooth stones, and of course, the funnel. You can put the crystal at the entrance of the funnel, then fill the funnel halfway through with pebbles; once filled, you can pour your water over the funnel to recreate the motion of the vortex. For this method, it’s best to do this a couple of times to reenergize the water fully.  

Using a Structured Water Filter

Lastly, we have the most efficient and effective method, and that is to use a structured water filter. There are numerous types of filters on the market that are reliable and efficient in restoring water’s structure and energizing it. You can choose varying models, makes, and the main method of structured water restoration. The choices are endless and fully yours. 

You might have noticed that DIY methods of producing structured water are both time-consuming and volatile. As there is no way to truly immediately check for its inner structure, we are left to hope for the best. The optimal solution for this, of course, would be to implement the use of structured water filters, as these are tested to bring quality water to your home constantly. Now, why is structured water actually good for you?

Why is Vortex water good for you?

We talked a lot about the whats and hows of structured water, telling you about all of its origins, how it can be made, and what it actually is, but we haven’t started mentioning any of the benefits. Let’s start talking about why exactly vortex water is good for you and how we can actually prove it. 

We’ll focus on three of the major studies done and then showcase what benefits structured water can do for you. The first review-based study focused on investigating the effects daily structured water consumption has on various lab and farm animals over a period of 20 years. 

Similarly, another descriptive study focused on racehorses and their consumption of structured water versus normal water. There were two control groups; one consumed 1 liter of structured water per day, and the other consumed non-structured water. Lastly, we have another study that focused on humans; similarly, in two controlled groups, one consumed structured water on a daily basis while the other group was given unstructured water. 

These three studies have found the following constant effects: 

  • Improved growth rate
  • Better blood sugar and insulin response
  • Lower oxidative stress
  • Reduced body fat mass
  • Decreased stress levels 

As you can infer from the results above, the consistent results in positive effects of these three separate studies had shown the validity of structured water benefits. But these are only the studies and briefly-mentioned benefits; let’s discuss the most prominent benefits structured water can do for your body. 

What does structured water DO for your body?

Studies have shown structured water to bring endless benefits to our body but let’s dive a little deeper to understand what some of the great things structured water can do for us. 

Improved Skin & Hair 

Structured water is known for its ability to hydrate deeper and remove all toxins from the water, but that’s not all. One of the best benefits structured water can bring to us is eliminating hard water and all of its drawbacks. This is especially helpful to those who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema or rosacea. The properties of structured water help alleviate all dryness, dullness, irritation, or agitation for your skin (yes, body and face), scalp, and hair. Sometimes hard water can contain highly excessive levels of chlorine, minerals, or even contaminants; this may lead to breakouts. Structured water helps prevent all those troubles by keeping your skin and hair hydrated and soft. 

Eliminated Bacteria 

Most of the time, structured water is known for its phenomenal ability to self-clean itself at a constant rate. This is not only great as it makes the water as clean as possible but over time, water becomes more robust and stronger than all harmful pathogens. The best effect of this is how it helps keep your body healthy and functioning in its best state.

Increased Hydration

Due to the distinctly shaped micro-clustered molecular form, structured water has the ability to penetrate deeper into your body and cells. Deeper penetration means better hydration for your body, as cells get more water and can work more effectively and efficiently. You also won’t have to drink more water to feel adequately hydrated, eliminating the feeling of bloating. 

Balanced pH Levels 

You might not be aware, but water, especially quality water, should always be at the optimal neutral pH levels of 6.8 and 7.2. One of the main reasons is that we do not want to lead our stomach to off-balancing its internal gut health; this could cause possible gut issues such as nausea. Structured water is naturally self-balancing, meaning the water’s pH levels will never go off balance, be it too alkaline or acidic, but rather always at the perfect medium. 

How Do You Clean Structured Water Filter?

Finally, we are getting to the part where we discuss how you may actually clean your structured water, and we have a surprise for you – quality structured water filters do not need to be constantly cleaned or maintained. 

Knowing how to clean a structured water filter comes most handy when dealing with a portable filter while traveling, especially if you use the filter to vortex drinks other than water. Most times, rinsing the filter will do the job, but in case it gets dirty or you want to clean it thoroughly, here’s how you do it. 

You will need one tablespoon of baking soda and half a cup of vinegar; you combine these two ingredients and submerge your filter in it but only for a short amount of time. Take it out, and make sure to rinse it thoroughly! 

That being said, it’s still best to purchase a high-quality structured water filter, and for times you feel like it could use a refresh, just rinse it under water.  

Where to buy structured water filters?

Do you want to know where you can purchase your own structured water filter? Well, we have the place for you! The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ is one of the leading vortex water filters on the market! 

As the name suggests, the primary method of restructuring the water is through the vortexing motion. To do that, it utilizes a double spiral to recreate the motion the water would otherwise go through in nature. This distinct motion allows the water to be energized and restore its own inner micro-clustered molecular form. 

One of the best structured water filters on the market, and it is straightforward to install and does not require constant future maintenance!! Yes, you install it once, and you can look forward to the benefits of structured water in your home or business. Here are some of the benefits you’ll get from The Vortex Water Revitalizer™

  • Continuous self-cleaning
  • Balanced pH levels
  • Increased hydration
  • Higher Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels 
  • Elimination of bacteria and virus 
  • Prevent limescale, corrosion, and mineral build-up around water sources. 

That’s not all! With every purchase, you will be receiving a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee and a 10-Year Guaranteed Warranty. So what are you waiting for? Find the perfect vortex water filter match for you!

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  1. Nancy Joan Fletcher says:

    I have had this now for 3 years and love it. Got it on my shower the first years and used it as my drinking water too. The last 2 years it has been on my whole house and it is defiitly worth every cent. All our residents are benefitting. I am 76 and have grandchildren that are growing up healthy. This is a real life giver, which is what water is ment to be. In deep appreciation for the makers

    • says:

      Hello Giles, thank you for your question. We recommend cleaning the portable units when it has vortexed non-water substances such as wine or other drinks. For your home units, it is not necessary to clean them as vortex water is continuously self-cleaning. If for instance, you have vortexed non-water liquids then you can clean the home unit in the same manner after use.
      Unfortunately, We currently do not have any video instructions but stay tuned as they’ll be coming soon.

    • Laura Sullivan says:

      I have 2 whole home units. One is in my main home for about 20 years, and the other is in a guest house for 12 years. Both continue to work amazingly well and neither have ever been ‘cleaned’. They restore the cleansing capabilities to our tap water before it reaches us. We could not be happier. We love our water. It improves baths, gardens, and the hot tub needs far less chlorine.

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