How To Energize Water Daily?

How to energize water daily

We all know the benefits of consuming water; we read about the importance of drinking a sufficient amount of water for our health and energy levels. Some of the most amazing benefits of water are that it transports nutrients and oxygen to our cells, aids our digestive system function, and constantly normalizes blood pressure. Yes, water has the capability to do all that and more, but what if the quality and energy levels of water can determine just how effective these benefits are? 

In fact, if the water you are consuming is not fully healthy, contains various contaminants, or has high levels of chlorine and hard minerals, then you may not achieve your desired goal. Yes, it’s great to consume sufficient amounts of water daily, but it’s also just as important to consume quality water! 

What you might not know about is how water also contains energy in a state known as living water, and this water energy determines how beneficial your water intake can be. What is energized water, and what makes it different from normal water? That’s exactly what we are here to unravel with you. Let’s discover what energized water is, why it is beneficial for you, how it differs from normal water, and how you can get it at home. 

What is Energized Water? 

Before we start discovering the benefits of energized water, let’s first understand what energized water actually is. Energized water is water that has higher vibrations and has been energized internally. Energized water also has a restructured micro-clustered molecular form which is shaped in a hexagonal manner. This energized and restructured water is often referred to as structured water or vortex water. 

These two specific qualities of energized water give it its unique abilities that can revitalize our bodies and the environment around us. This type of water is also often seen as water in its most optimal and natural state and can be found in nature as it flows fully and freely. The best examples of this are spring waters or glacial melts, some of the most potent and pure water sources. 

A question that may arise after knowing that energized water flows freely in nature is that if it can be found already, why don’t we have it supplied? That is because the energy and the structure are lost as water is taken from its home habitat to be put through unnatural water treatment systems and excess chemical additives. These water treatments done by municipalities are necessary in order to keep the greater population free from possible water-borne diseases. However, that also means that we have to somehow re-energize and structure the water again. 

Understanding Energized Water

We know of energized and structured water today, but this knowledge had to start somewhere. In modern research, we attribute our understanding of water energies and structures to two different individuals, Viktor Schauberger and Dr. Masaru Emoto. 

Firstly, Viktor Schauberger was an Austrian naturalist and philosopher that brought about the idea and research on living waters. He was born in 1885 in Austria and dedicated his life to studying how to make a positive impact on the environment with his inventions. With his research, he came to understand living water, which he described as blood to Mother Earth. His research was revolutionary as it turned tides, showing that water was not a lifeless resource but rather ever-changing energy that needed to be cared for to provide positive vibrancy back.  

According to Schauberger’s research, all the distinctive properties of vortex water rely on its natural, self-organized, geometrical molecular equilibrium. In order for water to be of the best quality, it needs to exist in accordance with natural laws. 

Similarly to Schauberger, Dr. Masaru Emoto also believed that water’s energies and inner molecules were alive and always changing. His research found that water’s crystals changed according to what energies were given to it. In his work, it’s clearly visible the difference between positive and negative prayers. All the positive prayers, especially those for love and gratitude, lead to large beautiful crystals. His research found that the crystals formed by the positive energies and prayers make the water more potent, giving it the vitality and energy to bring phenomenal benefits we could not imagine possible. 

With the guidance and help of these two outstanding individuals and their research, we are able to formulate and better understand what energized structured water is. We now have the ability to fully appreciate the beauty and power that water holds and use it to our benefit. Now that we understand more about energized structured water and its origins, let’s continue by understanding what it can actually do! 

What does energized water do?

We now know the inner structural and energetic difference of energized structured water, but what does it actually do that makes the water so beneficial for us? Energized water has the ability to bring superior benefits and these benefits have lasting effects on our bodies and our environment for far longer. 

As we now know, everything around us, including our bodies, consists of vibrations of frequencies. Low energy can bring our own energies down, while highly energized water can increase all of the benefits we get from water consumption. This is not all based on our whimsical understanding of frequencies, there is previously conducted research that we can base all our claims on. 

There are two different studies we will focus on today, both of which have shown incredible improvements to the body. Keep in mind the terms energized water, structured water, and vortex water are used interchangeably. 

First review-based study focused on investigating the effects of daily structured water consumption on various lab and farm animals. The research took place over a 20-year period to best understand the possible effects. 

The second study differed from the first one as it focused on human subjects rather than animals. The study had two control groups, one which was given structured water and the other which was provided with normal unstructured water. Both were consuming one liter of water per day over a one-month timeframe. 

According to the two studies above, here are some of the effects structured water had on those consuming it: 

  • Higher growth rate;
  • Reduced body fat mass;
  • Better kidney excretory function;
  • Lowered stress;
  • Removal of internal intoxication of the body;
  • An improvement in water-salt metabolism. 

From the empirical evidence, we can conclude that the overall effect of structured or energized water on the body is highly positive. These are just what the research found as the effects, but we also know what energized water has the capability to do. 

  1. Self-clean itself continuously – AKA eliminate contaminants. 
  2. Balance out pH levels. 
  3. Produce increased levels of Dissolved Oxygen (DO).

These are just some of the phenomenal benefits you’ll find with structured water, now, let’s dive a little deeper to find out how drinking energized water can help you.   

Why drink energized water?

So you’ve read about the great effects and abilities of structured water but how does this affect you? Let’s explore all the benefits you can reap from consuming energized water daily, here are some of the most prominent ones. 

Healthy Skin & Hair 

One of the sure ways you can feel improvement from using energized water is in your skin and hair. This goes in a couple ways, firstly the benefits of staying hydrated and healthy will keep you looking better on the outside but the effects double when you utilize energized water in showers. Yes, you read that right, showering is another way to use structured water and it is quite popular. Many choose specific filters for their showers to reduce hard water so why not use the best type of water there is for your showers too? As energized water has no traces of chlorine, hard minerals, fluoride and contaminants, it becomes much more soft and gentler on the skin. This is crucial for those who sugar from eczema or rosacea, making the showers not only bearable but enjoyable. You won’t have to suffer from dryness, irritation or dullness caused by hard water.  

Staying Safe and Healthy with Eliminated Bacteria 

We mentioned already how one of the best qualities of energized water is its ability to self-clean continuously, leading to cleaner water at all times. This makes it possible for the water to become more robust and stronger against viruses and bacteria, essentially keeping it in the most optimal state possible. With fully eradicated viruses, you can rest assured and feel safer knowing you are consuming high-quality water.

Enhanced Hydration All The Time 

Enhanced hydration is one of the biggest impacts you’ll find from energized water! Due to its unique inner molecular structure, it has the ability to penetrate deeper into the cells, this occurs simply because energized water is much easier for the body to absorb. One of the most difficult tasks for many is to consume sufficient amounts of water throughout the day. Many find that in order to be sufficiently hydrated they have to drink copious amounts of water which leads them to feeling uncomfortably heavy.  

Improved Gut Health – Balanced Out pH levels 

Water’s pH levels are a crucial part of our health, specifically our gut health. The water should always stay at a neutral level, preferably between pH level of  6.8 and 7.2. If the water we are consuming skews a little to alkaline or a little too acidic this cause a imbalance within the gut health. An instance of this is where you might face nausea. You can easily catch off-balanced pH levels around your home where there will be corrosion around appliances and water sources. Energized water does face these issues though, as it is water in its optimal state, it continuously has a balanced out pH levels.

Keeping Essential Nutrients 

One little detail we slightly touched upon earlier is how water provides us with necessary nutrients. If these nutrients get removed from the water due to either distillation or water filtration methods such as Reverse Osmosis this can be quite troublesome. Our bodies need to get sufficient nutrients and minerals in our body to stay healthy, if these aren’t provided to us then we may face deficiencies. This is another reason why it isn’t advised to consume distilled water on a daily basis as it doesn’t contain sufficient minerals and nutrients for our health.  Energized water on the other hand ensures all bacteria and viruses are eradicated but no essential minerals are lost. 


We have a bonus benefit to share with you, this is extra because it makes a monumental difference in our day-to-day life but may not be the direct result of you drinking energized water. This is how energized water affects our environment, the immediate surroundings and the general well being of our environment.  

Firstly, energized water helps prevent corrosion, mineral build-up, limescale and all the drawbacks you’ll otherwise find with hard water. You can visibly see effects of hard water around your toilets, sinks, showers and baths along with other water sources as they’ll get brown rings or faster corrosion. These are sure signs you are battling with hard water, this is where energized water comes in by helping you prevent these troubles as no excess chlorine or hard metals will be present in the water. 

Another positive impact, and arguably more important is how energized water affects the general environment. We might not think about it but wastewater management is a crucial aspect to keeping our mother earth well and healthy. All the dish soap, shampoo, creams and detergents go back out into the environment and these are extremely harmful to not only the nature but the wildlife. One of the best and proven properties of energized water is that it contains increased dissolved oxygen (DO), which is an important component of an efficient wastewater management system. 

That is why energized water is so great, because it helps not only us, our bodies and our families but also for our environment. At the end of the day we all have to do something to make a positive impact for the future generations and this is one of the best ways to make a small contribution. Now, let’s try to understand how we could get energy from water, read to find out more. 

Energy from Water? Is it possible?

Up until now we have been discussing the whats and the whys of energized water; finding out why we need it, where it came from, what it is and all the good that it can do helps us understand why it is so important. A question you might have had while reading through the text is if it is possible to actually get energy from water or even give energy to water. 

We already gave examples of how researchers such as Viktor Schauberger and Dr. Masaru Emoto have shown changes within water as different energies and energy sources are provided to them. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can actually energize water: 

  • ultraviolet (UV) or infrared light
  • exposing it to natural heat and energy
  • High-vibration materials such as rhodium 
  • Vortexing the water 

As you can see from the list above there are ways to get energy from water and to water. From the various methods above vortexing your water is one of the best proven methods of energizing the water to reap its benefits. Before we get into vortex water and how you can create vortexing, let’s get into some of the ways you can energize water yourself. 

Can You Get Energized Water at Home?

We now know all the amazing benefits you can get from consuming and using energized water, and how it can be possible to energize it but what are the actual methods of charging the water? Can you even do it at home? The answer is yes, of course! Energized water works when two components align and these are when water is re-energized and re-structured. Therefore, for the water to be fully energized and provide all the great benefits it has to gain both of these. Due to the volatile nature of energized water we recommend a more reliable source of water treatment – which we’ll cover next – but in case you want to try energizing water yourself at home here are three top methods you can do. 

Ultraviolet (UV) or infrared light

This method may seem obvious and intuitive but it is one of the sure ways to energize the water. The method is quite simple and easy to follow but the downside is that it does require some time. So here is what you do – you put the water under an ultraviolet or infrared light for at least 3 to 4 hours. This method seems to be a quite popular way to energize water. 

High-frequency Crystals 

Another method which is highly utilized and loved by many is to incorporate high-frequency crystals. For this method, the main crystals in question are rose quartz, clear quartz, and amethyst. Here’s how you can use high-frequency crystals to energize water – you put water in a bowl or a jar and put your chosen high-frequency crystal in the water (p.s. Ensure the crystal is clean and charged with energy). This method also takes a couple of hours but it is quite simple and straightforward.  

Funnel Method (DIY Vortex) 

Lastly we have the funnel method, and as you see how it works you’ll realize how it imitates the vortexing motion, so we often refer to this method as the DIY vortex water. This method requires a few more items compared to the previous two but regardless it is not too difficult to follow. Firstly, you will need a jar or a bowl for the water, crystal (this is optional but highly recommended), pebbles or small stones, and a funnel. Now here is the method – You put a funnel over a jar, put the crystal at the funnel’s mouth, then fill the funnel with pebbles until the halfway point. Now that the funnel is ready, you can pour the water over the pebbles, here you will see the water moving through the pebbles and the crystal, inevitably recreating the vortexing motion.   

PRO TIP: make sure to repeat this process a couple of times for the optimal result. 

The Problem

We have a slight problem when it comes to DIY methods though, and that is how difficult it is to measure its reliability. These DIY methods take time, possibly up to half a day for the water to re-energize, on top of this how much water can you re-energize at a time? Say you’ve done this overnight for a day’s worth of water intake, the problem of reliability arises. We are not too sure if the method was done properly and if the water is in fact re-energized. To prevent these headaches and avoid wasting time and resources we opt for a vortex water treatment, a treatment designed to restore water’s structure. Let’s read a little more into it so we can have a better grasp of the water treatment. 

Energizing Water with Vortex Water Treatment 

We already stated multiple times how vortexing is a sure way to treat and re-energize your water to keep it in an energized state. Why is this so? Let’s think about the studies we mentioned, they all show how positive vibrations and movements lead to a better structure of the water. Now, there are studies that also suggest that on our planet everything is created through a pattern, for instance cyclones, our DNA and even natural energized water. Therefore, we can conclude that putting water through a vortexing motion that is innately one with nature will restore and restructure the water. 

How does vortex water treatment work then? There are various vortex water treatments that utilize different techniques and systems to create the desired vortexing motion but here is a really reliable and practical one, and that is to use the double-spiral within the treatment. The double-spiral puts water through a constant vortexing and successfully restores water’s energy and structure. The benefit of vortex water treatment compared to DIY is that its effect is instant and reliable. 

Save Money by Drinking Better Water

Where can you buy vortex water treatment? We have the best place for you and it is over at The Vortex Water Revitalizer™! Why should you invest in a vortex water treatment such as The Vortex Water Revitalizer™? This is because you not only consume reliable and healthy water but you can also save money and the planet too! 

Firstly, The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ is easy to install, affordable and requires no future maintenance. That is the first plus there, an investment for a lifetime but that’s not all, you can further save on wastewater management systems, and on home maintenance as you can forget about the mineral build-up and corrosion headaches. You can use the treatment system everywhere around your home, be it the kitchen, shower, pool or garden but that’s not all! The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ has been proven to bring positive effects to agricultural and commercial industries just the same so you can just as easily utilize it in your business. 
There is more! With The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ you get a 60-day Money-Back Guarantee and a 10-Year Warranty with every purchase so what are you waiting for? Find the perfect match for your home or business over at The Vortex Water Revitalizer™.

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