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Entire Product Line is Made In Canada

World Living Water Systems Ltd. is grateful to have all of our products manufactured here in Vancouver in the province of Supernatural Beautiful British Columbia, Canada, a place known for its premium high quality production standards and highly skilled work force.

Our company started as a small, local business, and now we have successfully sold our products to 69 countries around the world. We intend to do our best to reach the remaining 129 countries.

We stand by the quality and effectiveness of The Vortex Water Revitalizers because the technology is simply extraordinary. Although, being produced in Canada just adds a whole other dimension to World Living Water Systems Ltd.’s product line.

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Quality Assurance

For us, the label “Made in Canada” is a great privilege, as well as a responsibility. World Living Water Systems Ltd. ensures that all the qualifications and requirements are met in order to contribute to the trust that customers around the world have towards the “Made in Canada” sign.  

What’s more, we are proud to come in compliance with the local state laws that are known for keeping local producers to a very high standard.

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Fair Labor Practice

When you purchase the product with the “Made in Canada” label, you contribute to creating jobs for local workers. It is a well-known fact that anyone working in Canada is protected by meticulous labor laws. Therefore, by purchasing a product that is made in Canada, you support fair treatment of workers, which is yet another benefit of purchasing The Vortex Water Revitalizer™. 

At World Living Water Systems Ltd., the “Made in Canada” label is only a small portion of qualities that we are proud of. With US Patent Pending, a 10-year warranty on our full product line, and our efforts to raise awareness about water problems and their solutions, World Living Water Systems Ltd. creates an excellent customer experience that is just as important as producing quality products.