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Entire Product Line is Made In Canada

World Living Water Systems Ltd. produces all of the water purifiers, filters, and vortex water generators in the province of British Columbia, Canada. A place known for its premium high-quality production standards and highly skilled workforce.

Our company started small and local, but we have globalized by successfully selling our products to 69 countries around the world. We aren’t stopping there! Our aim is to reach the remaining 129 countries, as our belief stems from providing quality water to all. 

Producing each of our individual water purifier here in Canada enables us to provide our customers with top-quality products at all times, making them accessible to all. The innovative technology of The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ coupled with Canadian production just adds a whole other dimension to World Living Water Systems Ltd.’s product line. 

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Quality Assurance for All Water Purifiers

The label “Made in Canada” comes with great privilege and responsibility. In order to provide our clients with the best possible water purifiers in Canada we ensure all qualification and requirements are thoroughly followed. The quality assurance enables us to create a best vortex water filter for your whole house, bringing top quality to your home. 

Not only do we ensure all quality produced is up to Canadian standards, but we are proud to come in compliance with the local state laws. These are the laws that are known for keeping local producers to a very high standard. We can bring you and your family a best whole-house water filtration and purification system in Canada you can trust. 

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Fair Labor Practice

There’s more than quality and compliance that comes attached to the “Made in Canada” label. With every product produced you are contributing to increasing the local job market. You can keep trust in the fair pay and treatment of every single employee working for and with World Living Water Systems Ltd. in order to produce The Vortex Water Revitalizer™. 

At World Living Water Systems Ltd., the “Made in Canada” label is only a small portion of the qualities that we are proud of. With US Patent Pending, a 10-year warranty on our full product line, and our efforts to raise awareness about water problems and their solutions, World Living Water Systems Ltd. creates an excellent customer experience that is just as important as producing quality products.