From Dry to Radiant: How Vortex Water Revitalizer Transformed Your Skin and Life

From Dry to Radiant: How Vortex Water Revitalizer Transformed Morgonn's Skin and Life

We felt truly humbled reading Morgonn Vanmerlin’s personal journey with our Vortex Water Revitalizer. Hailing from the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada, Morgonn had been battling a persistent skin disorder, which took a toll on their everyday life. They discovered our product, not in some flashy, big-budget advertisement, but through a humble local newspaper.

After their first shower with our Vortex Water Revitalizer, Morgonn experienced what they described as “rediscovering natural curls” which once succumbed to harsh water treatments. The most significant transformation, though, was the metamorphosis of their skin. From being lifeless and dry, it became supple, rejuvenated, and radiant.

What’s even more amazing is the shift in Morgonn’s pH levels. By providing a balanced pH, vortex water had a deep impact on Morgonn’s overall wellbeing. It wasn’t just about the visible changes; it was about an internal balance that led to a healthier and happier Morgonn – something that goes far beyond our product’s features.

But our Vortex Water Revitalizer is not just about skin and pH levels. It’s about how a simple change in your daily water can bring about a significant transformation in your life. Morgonn’s journey is one of the many stories of how our product has touched lives, making a tangible difference.

Our commitment to you is simple – to provide water that is clean, vital, and life-enhancing. Every testimonial we receive, like Morgonn’s, fuels our motivation to continually strive for excellence in water enhancement.

We thank Morgonn for sharing their journey with us, and we invite you, too, to experience the transformation with Vortex Water Revitalizer. May you find the same renewal and vitality in our waters as Morgonn and many others have. With each revitalized shower, sip, and smile, we hope to bring a positive change into your life. Here’s to a future of better hydration and brighter smiles. Thank you, Morgonn, for inspiring us all.

My hair finally has its natural curl back

First day results are as follows: 
Had a shower – my hair finally has its natural curl back. The curl you lose over the years because of all the poisons they put in our water and shampoo. I was diagnosed at birth with a skin disorder, where I have an oil gland at the base of 1 to 25 to 30 pores. Normal is 1 to 4. But after my first shower, a lot of flaky skin just washed off and not as usual. I felt so light when I dried myself. My skin also didn’t feel like it was going to shrink and crack. This has happened in the past.

Usually after my shower I apply cream to my whole body and after an hour or so it looks like I’ve put nothing on my skin. After using the shower VWR and applying the same cream in the same manner, my skin looks the same at the end of the day as it did this morning after my shower. If this can happen with only one shower, I can only imagine what will occur after a week, a month, a year! Anything that can improve my skin this dramatically in only one session, when doctors and all their cures have done nothing over 60 years, deserves nothing less than the highest praise that can be given. Thank God I happened to notice a small ad in a newspaper and then phoned you. 

I’ve been using the VWR shower for a week now and the flaking of my skin, which has been for a lifetime, has slowed dramatically. The skin on the back of my hands has tightened so much that they look young again. This is very noticeable to me since I’ve had the old hands since I was a teenager.

PH levels before VWR:urine – 6.4saliva – 6.8 
PH levels one week after VWR:urine – 6.8saliva – 7/0 to 7/2

– Morgonn Vanmerlin; Vancouver, Canada

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