Natural Energy and Water: The Work of Viktor Schauberger

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Everything meaningful in life starts with an inspiration that sets a particular path or a standard according to which it develops and evolves. For The Vortex Water Revitalizer™, inspiration came from Viktor Schauberger – an Austrian forester, philosopher, inventor, and a true mastermind behind the whole philosophy Vortex Revitalizers stand for. 

A lifelong work of Viktor Schauberger has been dedicated to studying water, its unique structure, the role it plays in the lives of every single living creature on the planet, and how humanity’s detrimental use of water can affect its health and vitality. 

In this article, we want to tell you more about the amazing legacy of Viktor Schauberger, his beliefs, and the inventions we all can use to make this world a better place.

Who is Viktor Schauberger?

Viktor Schauberger was born on June 30, 1885, in Holzschlag, Austria. Although he was not able to get proper academic tuition, he had an extraordinary knowledge and understanding of biology, chemistry, and physics. His curious nature and intellectual sharpness allowed him to observe things that were often overlooked by others. That is exactly how he managed to capture and explain water’s natural, live-giving structure, which is secured by vortexing motion in which water flows in nature.  

Natural Energy and Water: The Work of Viktor Schauberger

Early Life Of Viktor Schauberger

Viktor saw education, life, and invention differently. He was very in touch with mother earth and constantly fought to understand the wonders of our nature more deeply. To best understand him, we have to first see his perspective on education. 

As Viktor reached the age to attend university, his father wanted Viktor, just like his brothers, to attend university in Vienna to train as an arboriculturist. Viktor saw things differently; he didn’t believe in the education of the classroom but rather wanted to learn from nature itself. Famously, he believed the forest itself to be the best teacher – leading him to an unbiased and unfiltered vision of nature. Therefore, he broke the mold and attended the secondary school of forestry, where he was able to attain state certification as a forest warden, further gaining apprenticeship under an older warden. 

After his studies, he pursued innovation and engineering. In 1922 came his first success – The wooden slide. This occurred when he managed to very efficiently drive the logs from higher altitudes to the valley on innovative water slides. This was such a success that he even received a promised award for this achievement. This did not go unnoticed by traditionally educated engineers, seeing as in their eyes, an uneducated individual innovated. 

Though this invention got him success, he was unsatisfied and disappointed finding out that his own invention had led to the clear-cutting and the near-complete degradation of the natural environment. This deep sorrow of his first success led to him striving towards bettering the environment – hence the intense studies of understanding the living water from 1928 to 1935. 

Water in Viktor Schauberger’s Eyes 

Viktor Schauberger characterizes water as a natural, living organism, the “Blood of Mother Earth,” which exists and functions according to the laws of Mother Nature. All the unique properties that make water what it is – a foundation of life – depend on water’s natural, self-organized, geometrical molecular equilibrium. In order for water to be of the best quality, it needs to exist in accordance with natural laws. 

Therefore, when we use water, we need to consider the way it exists in nature and consider those laws when collecting, storing, and using water in order to keep it “alive.”   

What is Schauberger’s explanation for creating vortexes in water?

Exactly what natural laws was Viktor Schauberger talking about? – answering this question is the best explanation behind the vortex technology that stands behind The Vortex Water Revitalizers.  

In natural waterways such as rivers and streams, water flows in vortex-like motions, never settling, never stopping, but staying faithful to this pattern. This ever-transforming flow allows water to keep its molecular structure, which is more than just a chemical formula – H20. 

Natural Energy and Water: The Work of Viktor Schauberger

No other substance known to us has the same characteristics as water. What we mean is that once water is taken out of its natural habitat – pumped, pressured, and put in narrow pipes as we usually do – it loses its vitality. Unnatural treatment hardens water, disturbs its molecular state of equilibrium, and strips it of its hydrating, self-purifying, life-giving properties. 

In search of utilizing our use of water, which would allow us to preserve its natural properties even when used widely, Viktor Schauberger came up with vortex technology. It creates implosion in the water and returns it to its natural being as a life-forming energetic process.

Work After Living Water

After partaking and bringing the world closer to nature by introducing it to the concept of living water and structured water, he started his research on energy. After his research and studies on energy, he was able to develop the implosion theory. His theory states that energy which is generated via explosions, such as petrol engines or nuclear energy, is damaging and destructive to the environment. 

Conversely, he proposed implosion, which would not bring harm to the surrounding environment. Implosion is the act of increasing the concentration of energy. Examples of implosion energy would be whirlpools or whirlwinds. 

The pain of World War II also reached Schauberger deeply, as he was forced to join the German army. After the conclusion of the war, his desire to understand and help nature only grew stronger. He dedicated his life to restoration and the healing of the earth. This led to many of his inventions, such as the special soil-energizing plow, as well as the integration of copper into agriculture.  

Another turn in Schauberger’s life was in 1958 when he and his son got the opportunity to migrate to Texas, USA, with the help of an investment fund. To Viktor, this was the opportunity for his non-centralized and environmentally-friendly implosion-generated energy, as he would have the ability to further his studies on his innovation. Sadly, this endeavor did not go as he envisioned, as the Texan hosts had other plans for him. Their demand was for him to use his inventions and prototypes for military purposes. For Viktor, his lifework was to better the environment, not propel it towards mass destruction, so he refused to work for them! 

Even after the refusal, Viktor and his son were only able to return to their homeland after the forceful contract signing. Knowing he couldn’t understand English well, the contract turned out to be a sham, rendering all his work and designs to be the property of the US consortium. 

Upon returning to Austria, Viktor Schauberger passed on September 25th, 1958, at the age of 73 in Linz, Austria. Even until the end of his research career, he strove to better the environment and the planet, always putting the safety of our mother earth above all.

Viktor Schauberger Then & Now 

Viktor Schauberger was one of the first people who tried to draw the attention of the masses to the ways humans use and treat water. He believed that if we don’t change our ways and start living in accordance with natural laws, we would face a severe water crisis and detrimental damage to the environment. It is interesting that during his life, very few took his theories seriously. In fact, many thought that he was not in his right mind. At that, Viktor wrote:

“They call me deranged. The hope is that they are right. It is of no greater or lesser import for another fool to wander the earth. But if I am right and science is wrong – then may the Lord God have mercy on mankind”.  

From the modern perspective, it is clear that Viktor Schauberger was so much ahead of his time. The water situation and eco-crisis that we deal with right now would not be present if his peers looked into his theories more closely.

However, the good thing is that Viktor Schauberger’s work aged like fine wine. Modern science allowed to prove many of his theories true, putting today’s water crisis in a whole new perspective.  

Countless studies and experiments have demonstrated that regular tap water that we use daily can’t come close to the water that has been treated with vortex technology, as developed by Viktor Schauberger. 

Visit our research page to learn more about the results of tests that have been done on revitalized water. 

Viktor Schauberger’s books and films 

During his lifetime, Viktor Schauberger’s visions, theory of implosion, and vortex technology were overlooked. Only after decades did Callum Coats translate Viktor Schauberger’s work into English and made it possible for the wider public to get to know the findings of this extraordinary scientist. 

Coats translated Viktor’s Eco-Technology series, including four books – “The Water Wizard,” “Nature As Teacher,” “The Fertile Earth,” and “The Energy Evolution.” He is also an author of “Living Energies,” providing an in-depth overview of Schauberger’s theories.

We highly encourage you to read these materials and get familiar with Viktor Schauberger’s work, which we can’t possibly summarize in one article. 

Alternatively, you can watch “The Extraordinary Nature of Water,” which sums up Viktor Schauberger’s work as interpreted by Callum Coats

The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ – Continuing Viktor Schauberger’s Legacy 

Viktor Schauberger’s work is a cornerstone of The Vortex Water Revitalizer™, created by Mikael Lund, the CEO of World Living Water Systems Ltd. Our company stands by the legacy left by Schauberger and is proud to be contributing to its continuance. 

Vortex Revitalizers have been in use since 2003! Since then, we have managed to cater to thousands of customers in over 60 countries around the world. Our team is proud of the fantastic testimonials we have received regarding all the life-changing benefits our clients have received thanks to our products. Changing the world one water treatment system at a time. 

Become the Part Of The Community

World Living Water Systems Ltd. is dedicated to raising awareness about water problems and is eager to offer a universal solution in the form of revolutionary water treatment.  

Natural Energy and Water: The Work of Viktor Schauberger

The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ has been proven to assist the following:

  • Improve hydration by allowing instant absorption of water; 
  • Boost bodily functions;
  • Enhance the skin quality and soothing irritation; 
  • Eliminate toxins and bacteria in the water;
  • Increase the size, quality, and appearance of the plants; 
  • Reduce the amount of water needed for irrigation; 
  • Improve overall hygiene around your house or commercial property; 
  • Promote efficient breakdown of sewage and wastewater; 
  • Decreasing the burden carried by our environment. 

Sounds otherworldly, right? The truth is, you can obtain all these advantages with one simple installation. 
Our product line consists of versatile models of Vortex Revitalizers that are made for different purposes. We offer whole-house options for those who want to experience the benefits of Revitalized Water throughout their homes. What’s more, we have a wide choice of products for commercial facilities that can optimize water use during production. If you already have a filter installed, you can enhance them by setting up filter models. Looking for something low-key? We have a kitchen, shower, and portable models for you.

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