Viktor Schauberger Water Vortexer: The Evolution of Water Treatment

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Every business has a story to tell – the tale of its inception and the passion that drives it forward. More than just a business, The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ is a legacy born from the visionary ideas of Viktor Schauberger. A pioneering Austrian forester, inventor, and naturalist who devoted his life to understanding the secrets of water and its vital role in sustaining life. Developing phenomenal research behind living water, and vortexer water filters.

Through years of research and experimentation, Viktor Schauberger uncovered a wealth of knowledge about water. Including its intricate structure and how it interacts with the environment. His work inspires scientists, environmentalists, and water conservationists today as we strive to better understand and protect this vital resource for future generations.

In this article, we aim to delve deeper into the astounding legacy of Viktor Schauberger. Further exploring his ideologies and the innovations that can be utilized to enhance the world we live in.

Who is Viktor Schauberger?

Viktor Schauberger, born on June 30, 1885, in Holzschlag, Austria, was a true visionary. Despite not having access to formal education, Schauberger’s curious nature and sharp intellect gave him an exceptional understanding of the natural sciences. This includes biology, chemistry, and physics. Schauberger’s inquisitive mind allowed him to uncover and understand the intricate and vital structure of water. Specifically, as it flows and behaves in Nature. Moreover, His discoveries have greatly influenced our understanding of water and its role in the environment.

Natural Energy and Water: The Work of Viktor Schauberger

Viktor had a unique perspective on education, life, and invention. He believed true understanding comes from a deep connection with the natural world. To truly comprehend Viktor’s worldview, it is essential first to explore his views on education.

Early Life Of Viktor Schauberger

As Viktor approached the age to attend university, his father had high hopes for him to follow in the footsteps of his older brothers and attend university in Vienna to study arboriculture. However, Viktor had a different perspective on education. Instead of studying in a classroom, he believed that the best way to learn about Nature was to immerse himself in it. He firmly thought that the forest was the ultimate teacher, providing him with an unbiased and unfiltered view of the natural world.

Determined to pursue his passion, Viktor decided to break the mold and attend the secondary school of forestry. There, he achieved state certification as a forest warden and gained valuable apprenticeship experience under an older, more experienced warden. Through his hands-on education, Viktor developed a deep understanding and appreciation for the forest. He knew that this was the path he wanted to continue for the rest of his life.

Life As An Inventor

After completing his studies, he dedicated himself to innovation and engineering. In 1922, he achieved his first significant success with the development of the wooden slide. This can also be viewed as log fumes in today’s day. This allowed for the efficient transportation of logs from mountainous regions down to the valley using a series of specially designed water slides. The success of this invention was so significant that he was even awarded a prize for his achievement. This accomplishment caught the attention of more traditionally-educated engineers. Demonstrating that someone without a formal education could still excel in innovation and engineering.

Despite success with his invention, he was plagued by dissatisfaction and disappointment upon realizing that his creation had played a significant role in the destruction of natural habitats and the rampant clear-cutting of forests. This profound sense of regret and remorse over his initial success fueled his desire to make amends and contribute towards the betterment of the environment. Hence the extensive research and studies on living water from 1928 to 1935.

Water Through the Lens of Viktor Schauberger

Viktor Schauberger’s views on the water were deeply rooted in his belief in respecting and working with Nature. The Austrian forester viewed water as a vital and living organism that plays a crucial role in the functioning of the earth. He referred to water as the “Blood of Mother Earth” and believed that it existed and functioned according to the laws of Nature. According to him, the unique properties of water, such as its ability to sustain life, were dependent on its natural, self-organized, geometrical molecular equilibrium. This equilibrium, he believed, was essential for water to be of the highest quality. His belief stemmed that this type of water was living water, constantly in natural action and energy.

Viktor Schauberger’s teachings remind us that water is not just a resource to be used and exploited. Rather it is a living entity that requires respect and care. By understanding the natural laws governing water, we can learn to use it in a way that preserves its vitality.

Explaining the Creation of Vortexes in Water: Schauberger’s Perspective

To grasp the concept behind the Vortex Water Revitalizers, one must first familiarize themselves with the natural laws Viktor Schauberger referred to in his discussions of vortex technology.

In its natural environment, water flows in a continuous, cyclical pattern known as a vortex. This flow, water’s natural action, is characterized by swirling motions that are in constant motion, never settling or stopping. The ever-transforming flow of water in rivers and streams is crucial to prevent them from becoming stagnant. This constant flow enabled the water molecules to form a hexagonal shape. Again, this type of water is often referred to as structured water, today.

Natural Energy and Water: The Work of Viktor Schauberger

Water is a unique resource with distinct characteristics that make it vital for life on Earth. However, when water is removed from its natural environment and subjected to unnatural treatment, it loses its natural properties. This can occur when water is pumped, pressured, and put in narrow pipes, as is often the case in modern water distribution systems. As a result, it disturbs the molecular state of equilibrium of the water and compromises its natural properties, making it less hydrating and self-purifying.

Schauberger believed that by mimicking how water flows in Nature, we could harness its power without disrupting its delicate ecosystem. To achieve this goal, Schauberger developed a revolutionary vortex technology that creates implosion from water’s natural flow and movement. This implosion returns water to its natural state as a life-forming energetic process, preserving its vital properties for future generations. This handheld vortexer enables water to be in its natural energy and state.

Work After Living Water

After dedicating himself to introducing the world to living water and structured water, Viktor Schauberger shifted his attention to studying energy. Through extensive studies and experimentation, he eventually came to formulate the implosion theory. His theory posits that energy generated through explosive means, such as petrol engines and nuclear power plants, is harmful to the environment. Ultimately, destructive.

Instead, he proposed a method of energy generation known as implosion, which is the opposite of explosion. Unlike explosions, implosion does not cause harm to the environment and instead increases the concentration of energy. This method of energy generation is seen in natural occurrences such as whirlpools and whirlwinds.

The devastation and turmoil of World War II had a profound impact on Viktor Schauberger. As a young man, he was conscripted into the German army and was forced to witness firsthand the destruction and loss of life. After the war, Schauberger’s passion for understanding and working with Nature only intensified. He became determined to find ways to restore the earth and bring balance to the natural world. This led him to dedicate his life to researching and developing innovative solutions to help heal the Earth.

Schauberger’s most significant contribution was his invention of the special soil-energizing plow. This unique tool was designed to work with the Earth’s natural rhythms and help improve the soil’s fertility. Additionally, Schauberger also explored the use of copper in agriculture, as he believed that this metal could enhance plants’ growth and vitality.

A Turning Point

In 1958, a significant turning point occurred in Viktor Schauberger’s life. He and his son were offered the opportunity to migrate to Texas, USA, with the support of an investment fund. This presented a unique chance for Viktor to further his research and development of non-centralized, environmentally-friendly energy generation through implosion technology. 

However, things did not turn out as Viktor had hoped. Upon arriving in Texas, he quickly realized that his hosts had other plans for him. They expected him to use his inventions and prototypes for military purposes, which was not in line with Viktor’s beliefs and values. He had dedicated his life to improving the environment, not contributing to its destruction. As a result, Viktor refused to work. His refusal to use his innovations for destructive purposes was a testament to his strong principles and commitment to bettering the environment.

Despite the initial refusal, he and his son were ultimately forced to sign a contract with them to return to their homeland. However, due to Viktor’s limited understanding of English, the contract turned out to be a deception, which resulted in all of his work and designs becoming the property of the US consortium.

Viktor Schauberger spent the remainder of his life in Austria, where he continued to work towards improving the environment and preserving the planet. At 73, Viktor passed away on September 25th, 1958, in Linz, Austria. Until his untimely death, he was deeply committed to protecting the earth and putting its safety above all else.

Viktor Schauberger Then & Now 

During his lifetime, many of Schauberger’s contemporaries dismissed his ideas as the ravings of a madman. Despite this, he persisted in educating and enlightening the public about the importance of water conservation and sustainable water management. He believed our current methods of utilizing and exploiting water were unsustainable and harmful to the environment. He argued that if we fail to change our ways and start living in harmony with natural laws, we will face a severe water crisis that would have devastating consequences for our planet. In one of his most famous quotes, Schauberger wrote, “

“They call me deranged. The hope is that they are right. It is of no greater or lesser import for another fool to wander the earth. But if I am right and science is wrong – then may the Lord God have mercy on mankind”.  

Schauberger’s work on water and the environment was truly ahead of its time. His theories and ideas, which were largely dismissed or overlooked during his lifetime, are now being recognized as crucial in addressing the water crisis and environmental issues that we currently face.

Modern science has proven many of Schauberger’s theories, including his research on vortex technology and its impact on water quality. Studies have shown that regular tap water is not as pure and healthy as water treated with living water vortexer technology. This technology, which Schauberger developed, is based on the natural movement of water in rivers and streams and has been found to improve the quality and purity of water significantly. Explore our research page to gain insight into the outcome of studies conducted on vortex water.

Viktor Schauberger’s books and films

Despite his extensive knowledge and groundbreaking ideas, Schauberger struggled to gain recognition for his work. However, decades after his death, Callum Coats played a pivotal role in bringing Schauberger’s work to light. Ensuring that his contributions to science and technology are not forgotten. 

Coats has translated Viktor’s series of books called the Eco-Technology series, which includes four titles: “The Water Wizard,” “Nature As Teacher,” “The Fertile Earth,” and “The Energy Evolution.” These books delve into various aspects of environmental science and sustainable living, drawing on the work of the pioneering eco-scientist. In addition to his work as a translator, Coats is also an author himself, having written “Living Energies”. A book that provides a comprehensive examination of Schauberger’s theories and ideas.

It is highly recommended that you take the time to familiarize yourself with the work of Viktor Schauberger. As it is a vast and complex topic that cannot be fully covered in a single article. To gain a deeper understanding, we suggest reading the materials available on his work and theories. For a condensed overview, you may also want to watch “The Extraordinary Nature of Water,” a film that presents Schauberger’s ideas as interpreted by Callum Coats.

The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ – Continuing Viktor Schauberger’s Legacy

Viktor Schauberger’s pioneering work in water dynamics serves as the foundation for the Vortex Water Revitalizer™. Developed by Mikael Lund, the CEO of World Living Water Systems Ltd. His legacy has been instrumental in inspiring and guiding our research and development at World Living Water Systems Ltd. 

For nearly two decades, Vortex Revitalizers has been providing water treatment systems to customers all over the globe. Since our inception in 2003, we have serviced thousands of satisfied customers in over 60 countries. Our team takes great pride in the positive feedback we have received from our clients, who have reported many benefits from using our products. We are committed to bringing Schauberger’s vision to life through the Vortex Water Revitalizer™, one water treatment system at a time.

Natural Energy and Water: The Work of Viktor Schauberger

World Living Water Systems Ltd. is passionate about positively impacting the world through its innovative water treatment technology. One of the ways we are working to address water problems is by developing and offering a universal solution in the form of a revolutionary water treatment system. 

Studies have shown The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ to have several benefits, including:

  • Enhancing hydration through instant water absorption;
  • Boosting bodily functions;
  • Improving skin quality and reducing irritation;
  • Eliminating toxins and bacteria in water;
  • Increasing the size, quality, and appearance of plants;
  • Reducing the amount of water required for irrigation;
  • Improving overall hygiene in both residential and commercial settings;
  • Facilitating the efficient breakdown of sewage and wastewater;
  • Lessening the environmental burden.

Become the Part Of The Community

The best part of joining the community? You can enjoy its wide range of benefits through a simple installation process that requires minimal effort and time. With our product line consisting of versatile models of Vortex Water Revitalizers™, you can find the perfect Schauberger water purifier to fit your specific water needs. Our whole-house options are the perfect choice if you want to bring the benefits of structured water throughout your home. This means you’ll be able to enjoy better-tasting and healthier water from every faucet and showerhead in your house.

What’s more, we cater to more than just residential customers. We also have a wide selection of products specifically designed for commercial facilities. These models can help optimize water use during production, making it more efficient and cost-effective. These models are especially important for businesses that rely heavily on water in their operations.

If you already have a water filter installed in your home or business, you can enhance its effectiveness by adding one of our filter models. These models work in tandem with your existing water purifier to provide an additional layer of filtration and purification.

We also offer kitchen, shower, and portable models for those who prefer a more low-key approach. These smaller, compact models are ideal for those who want to experience the benefits of vortex water without needing a whole-house system.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Your purchase also comes with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee and a 10-Year Limited Warranty. So, you can rest easy knowing that you’re making a wise investment in the health and well-being of your family. Make the right choice by choosing Viktor Schauberger’s water purifiers – The Vortex Water Revitalizers™.

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