All You Need to Know About Vortex Water

There is no doubt that water is the most important substance for living beings. Without this gift from Mother Nature, we are unable to survive more than four days. Additionally, our bodies are made out of 70% water, making it absolutely essential to keep hydrated as our bodily functions are dependent on proper water intake. 

While the importance of hydration is widely known by everyone, many don’t know that not all types of water are equally beneficial. So it is crucial to drink water that is full of vitality. Vortex water is a perfect example of quality water that has optimal benefits for us. Why? In this article, we tell you everything about vortex water and explain what makes it an ultimate choice of water for you, your family, and your household.  

What is vortex water?

Vortex water, also known as structured water, is a type of water that has a molecular arrangement just like nature intended it to. Chemically speaking, it is merely an H20. However, the molecules form micro-clusters, allowing the water to have optimal benefits. The water that is found in the natural waterways, such as streams, has this exact structure. 

Interestingly, water’s natural structure is not always the same. This means that, in certain environments, water can lose its inner organization and some of its benefits too. In natural waterways, water’s structure is secured by the way it flows – vortex-like motions. When we take the water out of its inborn habitat, pump it, pressure it, and put it through pipes, water loses its molecular equilibrium. 

Vortex water is the type of water that has been through a special treatment solution that restores its structure and vitality, making it much more beneficial for our health and well-being. 

water molecules

What Is The Issue With Regular Water?

Before we elaborate more on vortex water, let’s discuss what makes our regular day-to-day water sources worth reconsidering. 

Tap Water 

Everyone uses tap water at their homes for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and other activities. Tap water is collected in rivers and lakes and then treated by municipalities. Although, this treatment is not always optimal and does not take water’s natural needs into account. As a result, water hardens, loses self-cleaning properties, gets harder to absorb, making it prone to growing bacteria. 

municipal water treatment

Bottled Water

Needless to say, purchasing water that is stored in plastic bottles is already a bad decision as plastic is not biodegradable and contributes greatly to pollution. Now let’s talk about the actual water quality. The most common bottled water types that are sold on the market are purified water and spring water

Purified water is treated in a way that removes all potentially harmful content, as well as beneficial ones, such as minerals. As for bottled spring water, there is no proof that it is actually natural spring water. Many companies use the label “spring water” when in reality, they just treat ordinary tap water, add minerals artificially, and sell it at a good price.   

Considering that bottled water costs significantly higher than any other water, it is not smart to purchase when there are more cost-efficient and higher quality options out there.  

bottled water production

Well Water 

Well water is a common water source for many people around the world. Although the well provides an endless supply of water as it uses groundwater, there are some concerns around it. Drinking or using well water without having a proper filtration system is not recommended as there may be major contamination present. Plus, as well water is generally not regulated by municipalities, there is no guarantee that you’re in fact, using quality water. 

To learn more about various water kinds, where they come from, and how they affect your health, make sure to take a look at our in-depth analysis of different types of water.

What Makes Vortex Water Different? 

As mentioned above, vortex water is a result of special treatment that restores water’s natural properties. The treatment creates strong vortexing action in the water, which simulates its natural flow. As a result of the vortex, implosion happens in water – a life-forming action, which brings life back to the water. 

After the implosion, water’s inner equilibrium is restored:

  • Molecules form microclusters;
  • Dissolved oxygen levels are elevated and activated;
  • Self-cleaning, anti-bacterial benefits are enhanced.

These changes translate into a long list of benefits that drinking and using vortex water can bring to you. 

The implosion in water was first observed by Austrian forester and scientist, the true genius of his time, Viktor Schauberger. His lifelong work was dedicated to studying water and identifying the characteristics of this unique substance. In fact, Schauberger was the one who came up with vortex technology – a water treatment solution that mimics water’s natural movement and restores its structure and vitality. 

Why is vortex water good for you?

Optimal Hydration

Vortex water’s micro-clustered molecules allow our bodies to absorb water more efficiently. For instance, when you consume a large amount of such water, it gets instantly absorbed and does not make you feel heavy or slouch around the stomach. This makes it so much easier to drink enough water on a daily basis and hydrate your body properly, which is undoubtedly one of the most significant factors for staying healthy. 

Instant absorption is essential for our bodily functions – when our cells get sufficient water, it allows them to perform at their best. And as every single part of our bodies consists of cells that need water to carry out their functions, vortex water benefits are felt throughout the whole body – inside and out. 

vortex water

Elimination Of Bacteria 

Naturally, water has self-cleaning abilities, which are also secured by its vortex flow. When we put water through unnatural means of treatment that does not consider its basic needs, these self-cleaning, antibacterial properties are lost as well. Vortex treatment allows water to become more robust against bacteria and viruses. 

Using vortex water is a big step towards a healthier, safer environment around your household. For instance, unpleasant odors in rugs and washcloths are tell-tale signs of growing bacteria, which is not the case when you use vortex water for household activities. 

Enhanced Hygiene 

Water’s elevated self-cleaning properties allow you to have optimal hygiene – both personal and around your house. Using vortex water for showering lowers the need for big amounts of shampoo and soap while providing better cleaning. The same applies to washing dishes, cleaning surfaces, and appliances – you don’t need to use huge quantities of chemical cleansers. Resultantly, you save money and enjoy better hygiene in every aspect of your life all thanks to vortex water. 

Gardening Benefits 

If you are into gardening or enjoy the company of house plants, vortex water can be a great source of irrigation. Many people who use vortex water for gardening notice that plants are growing significantly bigger and stronger, resulting in a rich harvest. Once again, the micro-clustered molecular structure is responsible – vortex water hydrates soil properly, and plants are able to absorb it more easily and get all the necessary nutrients. What’s more, using this type of water cuts your irrigation costs as the soil stays damp for longer.

Wastewater Management 

Water that leaves our homes is a great burden for Mother Earth and contributes to the pollution problem. It has been shown that vortex water has high quantities of dissolved oxygen, which creates a hospitable environment for aerobic, a.k.a. good bacteria. This type of bacteria helps effectively break down the wastewater, lifting the burden on our lakes, rivers, and oceans.  

What are the benefits of having your own vortex water systems?

So, everything we’ve covered so far sounds quite impressive, right? Now you may be wondering – how exactly can you get access to vortex water? The answer is simple – from your own tap! All you need to do is install your own vortex water system that treats ordinary tap water and turns it into a substance full of vitality, just like it is supposed to be naturally. You won’t have to worry about bacteria content, dehydrated skin, or smelly rugs – vortex water will take care of it all. 

beautiful lady drinking revitalized water from alive water

The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ is a water treatment solution that considers water’s natural needs. The double spiral flow form creates powerful vortexing action, which results in implosion, and voila – you can enjoy vortex water and everything it has to offer in your own home! The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ requires a single, non-permanent installation, which will guarantee that you’ll have alive, healthy, and extremely beneficial water for the years to come. 

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